Frequently Asked Questions

At The Property Explorer, our aim is to make buying or selling your home as simple and transparent as possible.

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Are you a high street agent or an internet agent?

Neither, we are what the industry calls 'a hybrid' we have a high street office and a huge online presence but we are not one or the other. You could argue that we are the best of both worlds. In the areas we have virtual offices you will always deal with a valuer that has a minimum 10 years experience, he/she will be your personal point of contact and although we have a large team to insure you get the service you require, your personal contact will be there for you until you move.

We don't have local experts that work from their own house or from their car and our complaints procedure take you strait to the owner of the company who will visit you at your home if that what your require.

What is included in the selling fee I choose?

Everything that you would expect from an agent is included other than the cost of an EPC (if you need one) and if you want us to conduct the viewings. There are no hidden fees or charges. Many home owners already have an EPC because they last for 10 years. Call our freephone number 08007723277 and we can check if you have an EPC already for you.

What happens if The Property Explorer does not sell or let my property?

In the unlikely event that your property remains on the market you forfeit any upfront fees you have paid if that's the option you have chosen. No matter what option you have chosen we will constantly provide feedback and communicate essential information such as web hit levels, click through numbers, verbal feedback from buyers that have viewed and maybe not viewed for a particular reason, we will also keep you constantly updated with any property we feel that you are in competition with. We look at everything that may effect your sale and communicate this regularly so you can make an informed decision.

Would I get more money for my property with an Estate Agent that had a local office?

No. we have both high street and online presence. Its widely understood that 98% of buyers and tenants search and decide to view after searching the web. We can verify this to be accurate because we are one of the only virtual agents that actually have a high street office. We will work tirelessly to achieve you the best possible price. We will help with the initial marketing strategy and deal with all negotiations. We have some very unique marketing strategies fine tuned over the past 30 years.

My property is already on the market with an Estate Agent. Can I still instruct The Property Explorer?

All Estate Agent contracts are different so our advice would be to fully check the terms and the small print. We can also check this for you as unlike The Property Explorer, most agents have a contract length and a notice period you have to adhere to. We have fee options that have no tie in periods or notice: View Package Options. Don't forget you can instruct us to sell or let your property before your existing contract ends and we can prepare your property details and plan your marketing strategy in anticipation of the contract end date. We are not a company that would ever put you in a situation of paying two fees.

How do I book a free valuation?

We like our clients to have choice so you can either book a convenient time by calling one of our professionals on our freephone number and booking us to come out to your home or we can value your property over the phone after collecting some accurate information from you.

At the moment our clients are telling us that they prefer to talk to someone who has the personal touch and has an understanding that every situation and person different so we've opted not to make this process automated or online. We work from early to late so you will find we are available when you need us. Or email us anytime at

Why don't you charge a % or commission of the sale price any more?

Simple! we don't think that its fair or very transparent.

Why should a homeowner pay us 2% of their £600,000 house (£12,000 plus vat) when we get 2% to sell a studio flat (£2,500 plus VAT) it takes no more work and doesn't cost agents more or less. Our fees are the same for everyone regardless of value. Also some clients have time or are experienced enough to do their own viewings or negotiations, they may have a house that is likely to sell in 24 hours, or at the other end of the spectrum have very busy lives and can't commit any time to the process. Why should these very different clients be charged the same price? Take time to explain your needs and requirements and we will make sure you get value for money.

When do I have to pay my fees and how do I make payment?

This depends on the option you choose. We've learnt through talking to our clients that choice and transparency is very high on the list when selecting an agent so we have designed three very clear options with no hidden charges for you to choose from: View Package Options.

Every client has different needs and every move requires a different approach. One size does not fit all, particularly in the property world. We can recommend an option that is bespoke to you and any variation of your requirements. We guarantee that you will never pay for services that you don't require and the price quoted will always include VAT. We will try and make the payment process easy, and how you pay will depend again on the option you choose. We take all credit cards, debit cards. You can pay via bank transfer, via your solicitor at the end of the process or by good old fashioned cash or cheque if thats what you would prefer. We manage huge portfolio of properties for our Landlords, hundreds of thousands of pounds are transferred through us for our clients and we are regulated by ARLA and the FCA so your perennial details are never in danger and never passed to a third party.

Do you hold my credit card or debit card details?

No, never!

What is the cost of a For Sale or To Let board?

£0! boards and any replacement or movement is included.

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