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    An accurate appraisal.

    Getting the price right is crucial and we have made it our mission to become experts in all things “property”.

    That sets the foundation for the marketing of the property and ensuring we secure the right people through the door and maximise the sale.

    Open House Days

    The most up to date way to quickly sell your home!

    With the housing market beginning to boom again, how sure can you be that you got the best possible offer for your home?

    Our innovative Open House days means that you get all of the best possible offers all at the same time. We can then work through them all with you to advise which one is best for you (sometimes it’s not the highest bid that is best suited to your needs).

    On an Open House day we invite all your potential purchasers to view your home in one afternoon, and then we request any offers to be submitted by the following day.

    All viewers are screened for suitability before being invited, ensuring we have no time wasters.